Many years of experience, profound knowledge of the industry and high professional competence. Our management team provide excellent consulting services on the basis of own professional and consulting experience.

Managing Partner

+49 (0)89 200 609 20

Dr. Marcus Hochhaus

Marcus Hochhaus is managing partner of Polestar Sports GmbH.

  • His focal points are in the areas of strategy, digital transformation, business development, technology and HR, where he works for sports clubs, associations and leagues, marketing agencies and media companies as well as brands and sponsors.
  • Marcus Hochhaus draws on many years of experience in management positions in the media and sports industries.
  • His diverse education includes positions at universities in Bielefeld, Tubingen and Berlin, two semesters abroad in New Zealand and the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg. He received his doctorate from the European Film Industry.


+49 (0)89 200 609 20

Wolfgang Holzhäuser

Wolfgang Holzhäuser is Partner at Pole Star Sports.

  • His focal points are in the areas of company leadership of sports clubs and sports associations, digitization strategies, sport sponsoring and forms of participation and legal structures in the sport business.
  • Wolfgang Holzhäuser has shaped German professional football for more than four decades. Over his long career, he occupied leading positions in the German Football Association (DFB), the German Football League (DFL) and for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. This means that Holzhäuser is one of the most experienced managers in German sport, he knows the football scene intimately.
  • Wolfgang Holzhäuser studied Business Studies.