Fanmonitor 2017

The Fanmonitor 2017 is a 360 degree analysis of sports fans in Germany. The study records their information and fan behaviour, shows the influence of commercialisation and digitalisation and the popularity of 21 sports as well as eSports. The study is based on an online survey (October 2016) of 1,881 people aged 18 and over in Germany, of whom 1,680 stated that they were sports fans.


How have commercialisation and digitisation changed the sports fan?

  • What does it mean to be a sports fan today?
  • What makes a sports fan and how does he or she behave and inform himself or herself?
  • What is the time and money invested?
  • And what kind of fans are in my target group?


Marketing opportunities, sponsorships and media coverage are distributed very differently. To what extent does this correspond to the fan interests?

  • Which sports are most popular and which sources are used for information?
  •  How do the fans of single sports differ and where are the fans to be found?
  • Which sports have similar target groups?

Salary Survey Sports Business 2017

The salary study called “Sport Business 2017” collects the average salaries and compensations of managers from all area of the sports business (athletes excluded). The study is based on an online survey from August/September 2016 and Polestar Sports’ own database. Next to salaries, all forms of variably compensation components such as bonuses and royalties, as well as other payments from the employer were used for the calculation.


The analysis in the form of average amounts and mean values provides an overview of the current normal market salaries. This study offers orientation for managers and companies in the area of salaries in the sports business.


The results give insights into the earning potentials of the individual sectors, functions and positions for the first time. They visualise the impact of the management level, HR management, education, work experience, as well as the size of the company, its location and salaries.